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jfe everhard

jfe-eh series

abrasion-resistant steel plate

began production and sales of abrasion-resistant steel plates in 1955, before any other company. since that time, jfe’s abrasion-resistant steel plates everhard series have been widely used in key components of construction, mining, and agricultural machinery, as well as other critical applications.

special features of jfe everhard

a variety of available grades

everhard is available in 5 grades of the standard series and 3 grades of the high toughness series, which guarantees low temperature toughness of −40°c (−40°f) and also considers internal hardness.

the target value (average value) of brinell surface hardness is used in the numerical figures in the grade names so that customers can easily understand the properties of each grade. by specifying narrow ranges of brinell hardness, consideration is given to reducing variations in formability in customers’ manufacturing processes.

standard series

in the standard series, priority is placed on the hardness of the steel with minimum addition of alloying elements to the chemical composition. the lineup now includes two new products; everhard-c340, which focuses on formability in heavy-gauge products with thicknesses exceeding 100 mm, and everhard-c550, which is designed especially for abrasion resistance in simpleshaped parts such as liners.

high toughness series

by applying a leading-edge manufacturing process, jfe steel succeeded in developing an abrasion-resistant steel that guarantees low temperature toughness at −40°c (−40°f) in the product line up to brinell 500 grade. these are the optimum products for applications where higher toughness or internal hardness is required, particularly for use in cold environment or in the cases with heavy impacts, etc. these materials can be used with confidence, as they also provide high weld cracking resistance performance.

superb quality

jfe’s abrasion-resistant steel plates are produced at the company’s state-of-the-art steel works with the most advanced heat treatment technologies, based on long years of experience, under high level quality control. everhard certainly provides not only excellent abrasion resistance, but also outstanding quality of weldability and formability.

specifications of everhard

everhard is manufactured for non-structural application in which chemical composition of crude steel, brinell hardness at the plate surface and toughness are specified and guaranteed. tensile strength and elongation which are required for structural application are not specified and guaranteed. in case of any request for the tensile strength and/or elongation as reference, please refer to jfe steel technical bulletins.

1. chemical composition

chemical composition

2. mechanical properties

mechanical properties

3. appearance, shape, dimensions, mass and tolerances

in accordance with jis g3193.

typical mechanical properties of everhard

appearance, shape, dimensions, mass and tolerances

maximum available sizes

typical mechanical properties of everhard

typical applications

maximum available sizes


everhard plates should be stored so as to avoid bending and twisting. use waterproof sheets to prevent rust and pitting due to corrosion, which can cause cracking. when using a waterproof sheet, ventilate occasionally to reduce humidity under the sheet.