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jfe steel co. pioneered the production and sale of abrasion-resistant steel plate in japan in the mid-1950s, and jfe abrasion-resistant steel plate (jfe everhard) enjoyed widespread use as a vital material for construction, mining, civil engineering and farming equipment.

special features of jfe everhard

a variety of available grades
a total of 8 grades are available; the standard series and the alloy series with 3 and 2 grades of hardness respectively, a new super abrasion resistant grade, as well as 360 grade and 500 grade with high toughness, providing a complete product line that can meet a wide range of applications.

standard series
this series consists of grades produced with the main emphasis on their hardness levels, the chemical composition being basically simple with boron added while the addition of other alloying elements is restrained.

alloy series
this series contains alloying elements in greater quantities than the standard series. the prescribed hardness is guaranteed for plate thickness of up to 100mm and, at the same time, carefull consideration has been given to low-temperature toughness.

abrasion-resistant steel plate with excellent toughness eh360le, eh500le
high toughness at -40˚c of abrasion-resistant steel plate was generally difficult to be guaranteed.
jfe has succeeded in developing abrasion-resistant steel plate including 500 grade with excellent toughness guaranteed at -40˚c. eh360le and eh500le are the most suitable plates when high toughness is required because of the application in low temperature environment and/or suffering with high impact.

eh360le has also high resistance to weld cracking, then presents high quality and safety of welded joint.

superb quality

jfe’s abrasion-resistant steel plates are produced at modern works. based on many years of experience, production incorporates the latest in heat treatment technology and proceeds under strict quality control. the result is high-quality steel plate that offers not only outstanding abrasion-resistance but good weldability and workability as well.