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in accordance with the technical evolution, structures or pressure vessels are becoming bigger, and more highly pressurized recently. to maintain the safety of those structures, consequently, customers have required high strength steel plates with good weldability and high toughness.

to meet the rapidly growing customer requirements, jfe steel has developed wide range of high tensile strength steel plates such as 590~980n/mm2 class, with their own special characteristics. these are called jfe-hiten, and jfe steel wins a popularity in the world.

these products are used in ships, storage tanks, spherical gas holders, pressure vessels, bridges, penstocks, machineries, offshore structures, etc, and receive valuable reliance from customers.

so, jfe steel introduces here the features and characteristics of jfe-hiten series.

jfe’s high tensile strength steel plates (jfe-hiten)

high strength
jfe-hiten is low-alloyed high-strength steel plate manufactured by tmcp, or quenched and tempered. because jfe-hiten offers high strength, it results in a significant reduction in the weight of welded structures.

good weldability
jfe-hiten, of which chemical composition is controlled by specific procedure, offers low carbon equivalent and excellent weldability. jfe steel also supplies welding materials suitable for jfe-hiten effectively, and thereby enjoys acceptances by customers.

excellent notch toughness
jfe-hiten offers high notch toughness because it is produced by closely controlling the chemical composition and heat treatment conditions. application of jfe-hiten ensures construction of structures providing high reliability against brittle fracture.

excellent uniformity and clean surface
rolled on the most modern plate mill under rigid quality control, jfe-hiten has excellent uniformity in properties, flatness and surface finish. in addition, slab surfaces are carefully scarfed, powerful water jets are used during rolling, and nonoxidizing atmosphere furnaces are used for heat treatment. consequently, jfehiten has smooth, and clean surfaces.

good workability
because jfe-hiten features good ductility, it offers not only good formability, but also good machinability, making it easy to drill and cut.

wide range of sizes
jfe-hiten are available in widths of up to 5,350mm, and in lengths of up to 27,000mm, and then contributes to saving expenses.